9 Places to Shop in Halifax to Update Your Wardrobe

Every year, more and more businesses seem to be springing up here in Halifax. Supporting local is way better than heading to the mall and supporting those big box retailers. Walk the beautiful streets of Halifax and support your community instead!

Here is a list of 9 of the best boutiques to go find your new favourite outfits, jewelry, shoes and statement pieces that are going to have everyone asking: “Where did you get that?

1. Lost & Found



Lost and Found is one of my personal favourites. Here pieces are hand picked by the owner and you’ll never get two of the same (unless you purchase from some of their local designers, like twoRudeco.). You’ll find anything from vintage Champion sweaters to Prada silk skirts to the perfect looking worn jean jackets. Lost and Found has not only a women’s selection but mens and kids too. This is a definite must on the list of stores to hit up!




2. Make New




Make New is a curated thrift store with amazing pieces if you’re looking for great quality basics that you can pair with anything! They support local artists and designers as well as they have an excellent jewelry selection. Plus you can shop them online!



3. Brilliant


Brilliant is an amazing little designer consignment shop with brands like Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and all those wonderful designer names you dreamed of as a little girl but for a more affordable price. And yes I did say “consignment,” meaning if you’re someone with high-end designer brands in your closet that you don’t wear any more, you can take them in and Brilliant will assess them and if they like what they see you could be making some extra $$$!


4. Biscuit General Store


Walking into Biscuit feels like stepping through a time machine into a 1960s department store. Not only do they sell beautiful clothes for women and men, but they have shoes, jewelry, cosmetics AND quirky, fun gifts. Lots of Canadian brands to boot!


5. Sweet Pea Boutique


Sweet Pea is an indie dress boutique with the kindest and cutest owner and mom duo running the shop I’ve ever met! Johanna Galipeau started it at the young age of 19 years old and you can usually find her or her mom in the store, always ready to help you find the perfect dress for literally any event. Go here if you need someone to put a smile on your face and a beautiful dress in your closet.


6. Oz


This store not only has a wonderfully sleek atmosphere when you walk in but the best selection of contemporary footwear in the city, leaving even Dorothy jealous. Investing in a pair of shoes from Oz will guarantee you the best shoes in Kansas, and Halifax.


7. 11 Street Boutique


If you want to give your wardrobe an update, this is the place to go for sure! 11 Street Boutique is an industrial meets rustic style store that gives you unique, handpicked pieces for men and women with not only clothing but also an excellent jewelry selection. Think everything you love about places like Urban Outfitters or Aritzia but 100% genuine, not the same old big box , everyone has it stuff, but unique, different AND local!


8. Sattva Boutique



Sattva Boutique is not only modern and chic but socially aware too. Each piece in their store has every one of their commitments in mind: Ethically Made, Eco Conscious, Locally Sourced, and Socially Aware. This store is doing everything right in the world, and you should too by wearing their beautiful items. Come here to find things that can be worn from day to night or from the office to the mat. You must shop here!


9. Elsie’s Clothing



The last store on the list, but definitely not least, is an absolute classic! Elsie’s clothing has something from every era. You can also find brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton here too! I once tried on a classic prom dress that looked like (and it very well may could have been) from the 1920s that made me feel like cinderella. Also don’t worry men, they have a section for you too.




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