The Best Places in Halifax to Get Your Summer Bod On

Whether you’re a gym fanatic or a couch potato like me, this is a list of all the best places to go in Halifax to get your hot AF summer bod on, or you know, just get a healthier, more active lifestyle. Some of these places are for those of you, like me, who hate going to the gym. They are fun classes that you don’t even realize are giving you a work out. And then some of these places are for those of you that love all things gym and want a place to kick your butt into gear and challenge you. Either way, these are the best places to get a good workout in!

Since I haven’t been to every one of these places I’ve added a little usurp from each gym or studio’s website so you can know a little bit about what they do.

Studio In Essence

This is one of the four places on the list that I can say I actually have been to and I love it! I have been doing pole fitness here since January and I personally really enjoy it. Studio In Essence Ltd.  is a Personal Training, Pilates and Acrobatic Fitness centre in downtown Halifax.  They have fitness and pilates classes for any age, body type, fitness level, or personality. They also offer Personal Training classes tailored specifically to your needs.



This is another place on the list I’ve been to and let me tell you, if you’re looking to feel the burn, for an intense but rewarding workout in a short period of time, something to fit in during your busy schedule, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! The concept is simple: this studio offers a 45 minute High-Intensity, Circuit Training workout class. They have developed 27 different 45 minute workouts, with more currently in development. They offer the same class at different times throughout the day. Every day throughout the week offers a different 45 minute workout. The workouts are created by the F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department from a database of over 3,000 different exercises, so members never get the same workout twice. F45 Training workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body and to make you look, move and perform better in all aspects of your life.

***Sign up for your first two weeks free!


The Woods Hip Hop Dance

The Woods aesthetic consists of grounded urban movement with the polish expected from a traditional dance company. The company consists of 15 local dancers, ages 15 to 29, training and rehearsing weekly in downtown Halifax. The Woods is it’s own dance company that performs but also offers classes every Tuesday at Halifax Dance! If you want to learn from the best hip hop dancers in Halifax, you need to drop in on one of their dance classes.


Rogue & Rio

Rogue is the more rustic and masculine of the two spaces focusing in luxury and simplicity in a wide open space. Located in a more industrial part of the city, Rogue’s garage doors open into a dark space that drive intensity and action in comparison to their lower impact classes at RIO. Also this gym has beer on tap for after you class! And you can try out your first class free.


Rio is a curated multi-sensory yoga and movement space designed to enhance your experience on your one hour retreat. From the freshly laundered towels provided to the custom signature scent and vibrational custom music you will feel swept away from the moment you walk inside. The studio uses only the purest custom made essential oils both in classes and in cleaning products and they receive a fresh weekly batch of flowers to make you feel right at home. They are an open concept studio so go in, meet the tribe, and make yourself at home. You can also try out your first class free at Rio too.


Seven Bays

This is #3/4 of the places on the list I’ve been to. I always have such a good time when I go here, and it never feels like a work out to me but more of an adventure of what new bouldering routes I can climb. I also love that I can grab a bite to eat or a drink after I’m done! SEVEN BAYS BOULDERING is a 6000sq. ft. facility on Gottingen st. that hosts a 120 ft long bouldering wall and a licensed café with plenty of comfortable seating.

They believe a bouldering wall is only as good as what you put on it. Seven Bays has fresh boulders every week, a wide selection of holds from around the world, and a ton of volumes to keep the climbing fresh and exciting.

Bouldering is just as much about the people you meet as it is about the climbing itself. Seven Bays is a hub for climbers to meet and exchange, or just a great place to do homework, “work” work, or just read a book, or better yet a guidebook! They serve great coffee, local draught beer, smoothies and fresh tasty dishes! A perfect place to share a bite and a beer after a good climbing session at the gym, or even better, after a great day of bouldering outside!

***Usually you can sign up for a seven day trial period for the same price as a one day drop in fee!


Red Hot Productions

Red Hot Productions is a commercial dance company under the co-artistic direction of Amanda Chretien and Erika Wilansky. They are home to a roster of highly trained dance professionals, available to bring their sizzling skills to corporate events, modelling assignments, or burlesque dance classes (perfect for bachelorettes!) Red Hot Productions have high heel dance classes every Wednesday hosted at Halifax Dance.

I’ll be going to my first class tonight and will update this post after with how it went! UPDATE: Oh my god this was so much fun!!! For anyone who loves to dance and feel sexy and jus have a teacher who 100% makes you feel yourself, GO. TO. THIS. CLASS.


CrossFit Kinetics

Held in a structured group setting and led by a CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kinetics provides a high-intensity, full-body workout by combining aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular exercise, high-energy strength training, Each session is 1 hour long and includes a Warm Up (15 Minutes), Strength (20 Minutes), and Workout (5-25 Minutes)
They also incorporate regular specialty classes with extra emphasis on strength training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics and mobility. All sessions are appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels as everyone works out at their own pace and the coach will help you scale the workout to your ability. The only way to truly experience their concept is to try it out.

Halifax Circus

Halifax Circus is made up of three ‘rings’ – the Circus Circle Social Outreach program,  their recreational school and then their performance troupe! Halifax Circus teaches a complete curriculum of circus, and span the 5 families of circus work:

  • Aerials: Silks, cerceau (hoop), trapeze, rope, hammock, and more
  • Acrobatics: Solo and partner acrobatics, as well as handstand classes
  • Object Manipulation: Juggling (solo and complex passing patterns), diabolo, flowersticks,
  • Balance: Tightrope, unicycle, rolling globe, rola bola and stilts
  • Clown and performance: Taking circus arts and getting them performance ready through work on character, timing, presentation and  improvisation

From people who’ve never even tried circus arts to the most advanced students, Halifax Circus strives to create an environment where everyone is comfortable learning new skills.


Evolve Fitness

Evolve Fitness offers personal training, bootcamp and online personal training.

Evolve Fitness Boot Camp is a fun and energetic fitness workout program that includes, motivation, accountability and dynamic resistance training all designed to get you burn fat and build muscle in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Unlike traditional health clubs you’ll never feel intimidated or have to deal with overcrowding (max 20 people per session), and best off all, at Evolve Fitness Boot Camp they never yell at you or treat you like you’re in a military boot camp.


Serpentine Studios

Serpentine offers top-quality instruction in 3 styles of bellydance taught by Halifax’s top performers, as well as hula hoop, indian dance, burlesque, yoga, flexibility, and fitness classes. They also offer Registered Massage Therapy because they know that active bodies need healing and preventative care.



SPINCO offers structured, full-body spin classes designed to strengthen the body, energize the mind and feed the soul. Since 2014, the goal of each SPINCO class has been to work together as one team, one bike, moving in unison to the beat of the music to engage the butt, core and arms. Lead by dedicated & motivating instructors, that have undergone intensive in-house training, SPINCO’s workouts are made to inspire and uplift. No matter the fitness level, prepare to be motivated to achieve higher levels of personal well-being, physical strength and positive mental attitude.


Halifax Dance

Classes for all ages and all abilities. Halifax Dance is dedicated to the development of dance, for all ages and abilities, through high quality training and outstanding performances. Classes range from beginner to advanced, and include tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, hip hop, modern, and more!


30 Minute Hit

The “30 Minute Hit” was created to accommodate the busy lives of modern day women. This exhilarating and challenging circuit consists of techniques taken from boxing, kickboxing, general self defence, and core stability training.  Research and experience has proven that boxing/kickboxing is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts. It has also been shown that 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week is enough to decrease the chance of various health risks including heart disease and high cholesterol.

Each of the 13 stations lasts for a 2 minute interval and when the ladies are not hitting the bags, they are working hard with the swiss balls and medicine balls. Interval training is an excellent way to burn fat as well! Don’t worry if you have never boxed before or if you are new to core work. Go in, put on your gloves, and experience the “30 Minute Hit”.



This is the fourth place I’ve been to. I like to go every once in a while for their Karma classes which is a reduced-fee Moksha/Modo class. All proceeds support not-for-profit organizations. I’ve never sweat so much as I did in this class but also been very relaxed at the same time. Also never knew I could sweat from places like my ankles or elbows before.

Moksha Yoga studios are built on the foundation of clean, green, conscious construction that is designed to create a calm and healthy environment for your practice.  40-ish postures that combine therapeutic and traditional yoga in a specially-heated room (98F and 35% humidity). Each Modo/Moksha class is cardiovascular, and it strengthens, loosens, and tones the muscles. The heat allows for deep, safe stretching and detoxifies the skin, blood and muscles. All levels always welcome. Multiple different classes every day from challenging hot yoga to yogassage!


CrossFit Ironstone

At CrossFit Ironstone every class will be different to a certain degree. They use constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity as the foundation of their program. This means that every day may follow a different format. Expect workouts to vary in length (time), difficulty, intensity, and modality (movements or exercises) from one day to the next. They use exercises and equipment from as many disciplines as they can manage; expect a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell, bodyweight or monostructural conditioning movements, and accessory strength work put together in limitless combinations. To get a feel for what a class may look like check out Today’s class programming and previous workouts on their website.

Every CrossFit gym is different because they are usually not franchises. At Ironstone the classes are actively coached and closely monitored. Expect to be taken through a structured group warmup, a strength or skill session, and a conditioning workout on most days. They cap their class sizes to ensure that everyone gets quality coaching and feedback and they hold safety as an extremely high priority. For this reason, you will need to sign up for class in advance through their online system.


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