What to Get Your Mom This Mothers Day And Where to Get It in Halifax

Mothers are honestly one of the hardest family members you’ll ever have to shop for. What do you get the most important woman in the world? Let alone the fact that whenever most moms want something, they just go out and get it.

Well let me tell you, I’m here to help! I LOVE picking out and giving gifts. I think I like giving gifts more than receiving them (but still buy me gifts, I do also love gifts). So I’ve broken down this list based on what kind of things your mom may like. Here we go:

If Your Mom Loves to Be Pampered

Take your mom to the spa! Get her a massage, facial, body scrub, pedicure, or even spring for a spa package! Also most spas honestly have the best products, you can just go in and grab some really great things she can use at home. Here are three spas I recommend:

Or why not take her out to a really nice dinner, just you and her. Here are my top three picks if you’re looking to spoil her to some excellent food.

If Your Mom is a Fashionista or Shop-a-holic

If you haven’t already, check out my post: “9 Places to Shop in Halifax to Update Your Wardrobe.” This post has all the cutest clothing boutiques where you can go grab your mom something she’d absolutely love! From eco-friendly/socially aware products, to second hand designer pieces, to local Halifax or Canadian designs. These places are where you need to shop to get her a great gift and if you don’t want to do clothes, some of them have beautiful jewelry, beauty products or giftware! Also if you’re not brave enough to pick out something for her, most of these places offer gift cards or certificates.

If Your Mom Needs Some Spiritual Relaxation or Loves Nature

Purchase her a yoga package, get her a float at the floatation centre, take her to meditation, or why not instead of spending lots of money on a bouquet that’s going to go to waste, buy her some plants that can last forever. For yoga check out Moksha Yoga or Rio! Get her a float at the Floatation Centre. For plants I recommend checking out the selection at Pete’s, The Flower Shop or Halifax Seed Company.

If Your Mom Loves Beer

Go around to some of the local breweries and pick her up some cans, growlers, merch, or a gift card! Or take her somewhere like Stillwell or Battery Beer Park. Here are some of the breweries to hit up:

Or if She Loves Wine

Head to The Port or Bishop’s Cellar, where you can find the best selection of wine in the city and the most knowledgable staff to help you grab the perfect bottle. Or take her out to Obladee or Little Oak, two of the best bars in Halifax with the best wine lists.

If Your Mom Loves to Stay Fit or Be Active

Check out my previous post on “The Best Places in Halifax to Get Your Summer Bod On.” Maybe buy her a membership at one of these gyms, or a set number of classes or just one so she can try it out for herself. You can get her a punch card at Seven Bays, or a drop in aerial or pole class at Studio In Essence.

If Your Mom Loves Sweets

Pick her up some delicious treats from Scanway, Vandal Doughnuts, Layers, or some nostalgic candy from Freak Lunchbox.

If Your Mom Just Loves Spending Time with You

Like said in some of the other sections above: Take her out to dinner. Go to the spa with her. Take her on a beer crawl. Or a wine crawl. Take her to the movies. Or do something unexpected from the next section below:

If You Want to Do Something Completely Out of the Box

Maybe your mom wants to try something new. Or maybe she loves doing these things already. Really surprise her for Mother’s Day and take her axe throwing at the Timber Lounge, why not try out an Escape Room together at Trapped, get her to bring out her inner geek with some VR (virtual reality) at Nearby Planet VR. Take her to a Yuk Yuks comedy show. Bring out her inner speed demon with go-karting at Kartbahn. Soar her through the sky’s with Zip Lining at Anchor’s Above or just do a whole tree top adventure at Ontree Park.

In the end, whatever you get her, just make sure you let her know how special she is to you. That’s the best gift of all. Shout out to my mom: Happy Mother’s Day, I love you.

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