Tips to Keep Your Friendships Strong in Your 20s

Everyone knows that being in your 20s is hard, especially in our generation, it’s a lot different than it used to be. We work full-time or part-time jobs, we possibly go to school full-time or part-time, we are in serious debt up to our ears, we try to keep active by going to the gym or gym classes, we are in committed relationships or are single and attempting to get into a relationship. We just have so much on our plates nowadays that it’s hard to find time to fit in all of your friends.

Here are some easy tips on how to keep your friendships even though your schedule is jampacked and you don’t know when you’re going to see them next.

#1: Text them every once in while.

We all have cell phones, check in, see how they’re doing. A simple text like “Hey, how’s life? Haven’t talked in a while so fill me in on what’s new.” is a big step. Keeping in contact is definitely number one on the list of ways to keep your friendships, but we all forget sometimes and that’s understandable. A spontaneous, random check in will do wonders for your relationship.

#2: Blow up their social media.

I have post notifications on for all my closest friends, so every time they post a new pic I can like it and comment on it, telling them how amazing their outfit is, or how fun their trip looks. Even if you can’t be hanging out with them at least they know they have your love and support. And who doesn’t love some social media attention, ammmmmmmi right????

#3: When you do get to see each other, do something different.

Don’t just go downtown for drinks every time. Do something relaxing like go to the float centre together, cook dinner together, have a smoothie and movie night together, or try an at home paint and wine night.

#4: Do something you both already had to do but why not do it together.

Like going to the laundry mat, grocery shopping or head to the gym and work out together.

#5: Visit them at work.

If your friend works retail, go into their store and why not bring them a coffee or a smoothie. If they work some where more corporate ask them out for lunch. If they work in a bar or restaurant, try go by fir a bite or a drink and sitting in their section. Guarantee it will brighten their day/shift.

#6: Try planning ahead.

If you’ve made the plans in advance, like brunch on a Saturday in two weeks, you’re less likely to break those plans, and you also both get to look forward to them.

We’re all busy. Just because you aren’t in constant contact, doesn’t mean you aren’t friends. It’s not that you or they don’t care, we just get busy and it’s as simple as that. Hopefully these tips will help ❤️

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