From Messy to Minimalist

I’m a mess. Literally. And a pack rat. I’ve always been a messy person who is unable to get rid of things. I’ve finally decided it’s time to clean up my apartment for good. I want less things in my life and instead more people, and more memories. But how do I go from messy pack rat to minimalist and tidy babe? Well I’ve done some research, read some articles, looked up some tips and advice, and I’ve picked out some of the things I feel like will work for me. So from here on I’m going to record my process over the next 90 days and let’s hope that over the next month, two months, three months, and so on, that I can declutter my life.

Day 1 Goals (Today):

  • Write down my reasons for why I am doing this
  • Put it away challenge
  • Reverse hanger challenge
  • One in, one out
  • Make some no clutter zones

Reasons why:

  • Save money, buy less
  • Get more use out of the things I have
  • Less stress
  • Be cleaner, tidier
  • I want my home to look nice
  • Have fewer, but really nice things. Rather then lots of “okay” things
  • Harry – he always cleans and keeps the house tidy and then I make it messy again

Put it away challenge

Here I’m going to reduce my wardrobe (pants, shirts, dresses, etc.) by a nice chunk, ideally half. I’m going to go through my closet and toss some items I don’t need and then put a good portion of items away that I can’t part with but don’t wear all the time. Over the course of the next month or two, I’m going to try to just wear the clothes I’ve kept out. If I find myself going back to some of the things I’ve packed away to pull something in particular out, then clearly I’ll keep that item. The other things I don’t use after a month or two, I’m going to try getting rid of.

After starting this and going through my closet and drawers I realize I have a massive problem with clothes. Once you see the numbers below you’ll understand how serious the problem is. HOWEVER I did significantly cut down my wardrobe and even filled 3 carry on suitcases worth of clothings. See the exact details below:

What my wardrobe used to look like:

  • 45 pairs of shoes (I did not realize I owned that many, I swear).
  • 62 dresses and jumpsuits (did I mention I have a problem?)
  • 29 sweaters, cardigans, cover ups
  • 71 shirts including blouses, nice t-shirts, bodysuits, nice tank tops and cropped tops (I can’t believe this one 🤭)
  • 26 jeans & pants
  • 14 shorts and skirts
  • *I did not include under garments (though I did toss about half and put a few of my really fancy stuff I never wear away), pjs, or workout pants. Thankfully I had a normal amount of pjs and yoga pants (only about 5-6 each).

My wardrobe now:

  • 15 pairs of shoes
  • 37 dresses & jumpsuits (still a lot I know)
  • 18 sweaters
  • 40 shirts (I really don’t know what’s wrong with me)
  • 17 jeans/pants
  • 7 skirts/shorts

Originally 247 items, now 134.

46% of my wardrobe has now been packed away for the next 3 months or put in a bag to be donated.

Reverse Hanger Challenge:

Now that I’ve reduced my clothes by so much, it’s time to turn all of my hangers around. Why? So that every time I where an item I can turn the hanger the right way when I put it back. After a month, two months, three months. I’ll see what items are left that haven’t been worn and reevaluate what’s left and if I really need it or can part with it.

One In, One Out:

Over the course of the next 90 days, if I bring something new in, I must get rid of something old to make room for it.

No Clutter Zones:

I’m going to identify a few “zones” in the apartment that I must keep from getting cluttered. Right now I’d say the places that get the most clutter are the kitchen island, the bathroom counter, on top of the dresser, the night stands, the book shelf, the closet, the kitchen counter, and the bedroom shelves. Hopefully by the end of the 90 days I can have all those spaces listed above as clutter free zones.

Today I was able to clear off the dresser and the bedroom shelves.

Goals for the next update:

  • Clean up the apartment and keep it clean!
  • De clutter & organize some more spaces
  • Get rid of some makeup & other toiletries
  • Get rid of some jewelry
  • Organize and get rid of things in the kitchen

3 thoughts on “From Messy to Minimalist

  1. Hello! This s the first blog I have read of yours and I really enjoyed it! I plan on reading the rest of yours soon!!! Do you listen to podcast? If so, have you listened to the minimalists podcast?

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