A Weekend in Toronto

In the last month I was lucky enough to go on a nice little vacation over to Ontario. Mainly we were visiting Harry’s friends and family but we got to eat some delicious food and see some great sites. His family mostly live in rural communities but we did spend our Friday and Saturday in the big six, Toronto.


First we had lunch with Harry’s mom in a cute little cafe in Collingwood before heading out the city.

From there it was about a two hour drive to Toronto. We met up with our good friends Adam and Shady. Naturally we took Shady for a nice long walk through High Park since we missed him so much.

After our nice long walk we stopped for some delicious eats at a place called Mean Bao. I highly recommend this place for some powerful flavours in some handheld bites. We tried the Jerk Chicken Bao, Pork Belly Bao, Chicken Bao, and Shrimp Dumplings.

Since Toronto was so hot we had to stop for some brews to cool down. We went to a sweet outdoor patio at Bandit Brewery.

I tried a sampler of some of their beers and I definitely give them a thumbs up! Reminded me of Good Robot from home 😊

After that we went back to Adam’s to freshen up and then we went to a swanky cocktail bar known for their molecular-gastronomy cocktails, called Bar Chef. There I tried one of their modern style cocktails, the Daiquiri Adaptation (first picture below). This place is definitely a must if you want to try an amazing cocktail experience!

After the cocktails we headed to the Fairmont Hotel’s Bar: The Library, to meet some old friends of Harry’s from high school. The hotel had this amazing looking forest/garden that I obviously had to take pictures in.

Once the clock struck midnight we decided to try one last place for a nightcap. We ended up at a place called Bar Hop. It reminded me of a grungy, older version of Halifax’s Stillwell. The beer selection was huge and I found a really delicious sour, but once Harry started dozing off into his beer, we decided it was time to head to bed.


In the morning we went to a great brunch spot called Aunties & Uncles that was packed and for good reason. The food was delicious, I got a Brie cheese and pear chutney sandwich (first picture below). We met our friends Joe and Georgie there and after we were done our breakfast, Harry went with Joe to do a boys afternoon and I went with Georgie for a girls afternoon.

For my afternoon, Georgie and I went to the Kensington Market to find some vintage buys. I got Harry a nice shirt and for myself, a gorgeous pair of bell bottom jeans from @spacevintagexo.

After shopping in the heat we decided to hit up the Cabana Pool Bar. Saturday was ladies free before 3 and we got there just in time. I honestly felt like I was in Mexico all over again from the heat, the pool and the mojitos. This was the highlight of my trip (sorry Harry).

Once we had been refreshed we went to Queen Street West to do a little bit more shopping at some brand stores like Aldo and Aritzia. Then we went to Joe’s apartment to freshen up and we all headed to Buca, an Italian restaurant. The pizza was delicious!

Now I’d love to say we went to some fabulous bar or awesome club to end the night and the weekend, but in truth we went to a house party and then I was so pooped I ended up in bed before 1 am.

All in all, the weekend in Toronto was a nice getaway from Halifax that was much needed! If you can, I highly recommend checking out Bar Chef, Aunties & Uncles and the Cabana Pool Bar!!!

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