It’s Okay to Have a Night Alone

1) I’m a social butterfly, I feed off of social interaction.

2) I have major FOMO (fear of missing out).

This usually means that my evenings or days off and filled with friends. Whether it’s going to the beach, going out for dinner and drinks, or dancing downtown, I’ve usually got something on the go.

But this past weekend my usual Saturday night took a turn. Originally I was suppose to be going out for some patio drinks with a friend after I had finished work. That friend however got fairly drunk at a wedding and had to bail instead. For some reason most of my friends who I would normally call were out of town this weekend or working. So after three hours of waiting around and trying to figure out what to do I just decided I was going to do exactly what I wanted to do in the first place and I didn’t care if I was going to have someone there with me or not.

I had originally gotten myself nice and dressed up to go out patio drinking before I found out I wouldn’t be meeting up with my friend, so I kept my outfit on, took a bus down to Little Oak on the waterfront, and asked for a table on the patio for 1. My server turned out to be a friend of mine who use to work at a wine bar and had just moved back from Montreal for the summer. I took his recommendation on a nice sparkling wine and then got some tuna poké. After that I got a scallop ceviche and some pork dumplings. I told him to bring me whatever he though would go well with it, which ended up being a nice rosé in the biggest wine bottle I’ve ever seen. The food so far was to die for.

I was still hungry after that and he recommended the scallop and pork belly with a beautiful glass of Pinot Noir. To finish everything off I had dessert wine with a peanut butter mousse that I’ll definitely be going back for. I took a notebook with me and wrote or doodled in between eating all of the delicious food. And I didn’t take a single picture of my food. Didn’t post any #treatyourself photos on Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook. I didn’t tell anyone.

And it. Was. Wonderful.

The moral of this story is that I started my evening off so upset. First that my friend had bailed on me, second because I wasn’t going to get to do what I had been thinking about all day at work, and third because I couldn’t find anyone that was free to hangout with on a Saturday night. But my evening ended up being perfect and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Sometimes it’s not the people that are going to make your evening for you but what you do instead. So next time your plans get canceled or a friend bails on you last minute or there is no one free to hangout, try one of these instead:

  • Take yourself out for a nice dinner.
  • Go grab a ton of junk food, maybe order something in and binge a good tv show or have yourself a movie marathon.
  • Have an at home spa night! Do a hair mask, face mask, bubble bath, whatever!
  • Go sit at a bar and get the bartender to make you some off menu cocktails while you do some people watching.
  • Take yourself to a beach, grab a blanket and a good book.

Do literally whatever it is that you really wanted to do in the first place because ultimately that’s what’s going to make you the most happy.


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