20 Places Near Halifax to Get Wet Before Summer is Over

No, not that kind of wet you dirty minded readers 😉

Usually when people want to go swimming, get a tan, take some summer insta pics with friends, or just to cool down, it seems everyone thinks of the same few places. It turns out there are a bunch of amazing spots near Halifax you can go to! 18 to be exact (well there may be more but this is how many I found). And all of these are within a 2 hour radius of the city. So grab your swimsuits, your cameras, your best buds, and get ready for a little road trip to the best swimming spots nearby!

In order from closest to furthest here they are:

Long Lake

This lake is massive, picture 1/4 of the Halifax Peninsula, so lots of room to swim!


Williams Lake

A cool, clear lake. Watch your step getting in, there are some slippery rocks. There’s a path about 15-minutes in that ends up at a popular four-metre high cliff, but be sure to figure out where the rocks are before you start diving.


Maugers Beach, McNabs Island

McNabs Island is accessible by private boat, or commercial water taxi and charter boat operators from Halifax, Dartmouth and Eastern Passage. Depending on pick-up and drop-off locations, the trip takes about 20-30 minutes from downtown Halifax or Dartmouth, and 10 minutes from Eastern Passage.


Rainbow Haven Beach

Definitely one of the more well known beaches near the city. Forewarning: lots of families and children.


Crystal Crescent Beach

One of Nova Scotia’s white sand beaches. This beach actually has 3 separate beaches in one place connected by a boardwalk (be warned that the furthest one is a nude beach). Heads up: the water here tends to be quite cold even on the hottest days.


Lawrencetown Beach

This is one of the most well known beaches for surfing. You can actually check out some surf schools/lessons nearby and rent a board if needed. Check out Kannon BeachHappy Dudes, and East Coast Surf School. Warning that the rip tides and currents are extremely strong here.


Whynaughts Beach

Close to Peggy’s Cove & Queensland Beach. Fun fact: In the winter the waves come right up to the shoreline and wash away all the sand, but each summer the sand and beach comes back.



Conrad’s Beach

Conrad’s beach is somewhat of a local secret. There is a lack of facilities, which is why places like Rainbow Haven are usually more crowded. Conrad’s is, however, another one of those rare white sand beaches, and great for paddle boarding!


Queensland Beach

This is by far one of the best spots for swimming. Because it is situated in St. Margaret’s Bay the water is a lot warmer then places like Lawrencetown or Crystal Crescent, and there are no rip tides or currents.


Blue Falls

Located in Musquodoboit Harbour, looks like a beautiful spot to cool down!


Martinique Beach

This is Nova Scotia’s longest sandy beach! The surf is usually no more than 2-4 feet but be careful because when it gets larger, then the currents can become dangerous.


Clam Harbour

Home of the Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle Competition that happens every summer and draws more than 10,000 people. When there isn’t giant sandcastles, it’s a beautiful white sand beach to relax.


Victoria Park (Joseph Howe Falls)

Though you can’t actually swim in the waterfall, there is an outdoor pool in Victoria Park! People rave about the shaded walking paths and how nice the park is.



Kingsburg is actually a small village in Nova Scotia that boasts two beaches: Kingsburg Beach & Hirtle Beach. A good two in one!


Baxter’s Harbour

When the tide is low, you aren’t able to swim as most of the water is gone and you can walk right up to the waterfall. When the tide is in, the falls look like the picture below.


Rissers Beach

Another gorgeous white sand beach. This one is also located in a bay so the surf is never too big and the water is a little bit warmer than other beaches.


Taylor Head Beach

Taylor Head Provincial Park occupies a rugged wind-swept peninsula that juts 6 km into the Atlantic Ocean. The park’s hiking trails and walks provide access to a variety of natural habitat, interesting geological features, wildlife species, scenic look-offs, secluded beaches and 16 km of unspoiled coastline.


Indian Falls

Indian Falls is located on the LaHave River, in Lunenburg County. The pool at the base of the falls is a popular swimming location.


Beach Meadows

Beach Meadows Beach Park is located on the South Shore and is a 1km long, white sand beach. You can enjoy the ocean wildlife and a beautiful view of Coffin Island.


Carters Beach

Carters Beach is actually made up of three crescent beaches of soft, white sand. The ocean floor is full of sand dollars and there are often many on the beach.

Carter’s Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia. It’s the closest to a tropical-style, white-sand beach that you’ll find here in Nova Scotia.


I hope that you all can get out and enjoy as many of these spots as possible before the leaves turn orange, the air is crisp and the pumpkin spice lattes takeover.

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