4 Easy & Inexpensive Halloween Make-Ups

So if you’ve been following my Instagram then you’ve probably seen that I love Halloween and over the past 2 weeks I’ve posted 4 Halloween Make-Ups. Maybe from the final picture they may not seem easy but I promise you, they really were. Below I’ve attached the inspiration pictures I found on Pinterest and then my version. I’ve also attached links to my speedy IG TV videos for each make-up and I’ve listed some of the products I used. Click the title of each make-up and it will take you to the video!

The Base

So for pretty much every make-up, I used my everyday base. That includes a good moisturizer (Derma E vitamin C moisturizer), a primer (Elizabeth Mott, Thank Me Later), my concealer (Bye Bye Under Eye by IT cosmetics), foundation (Born This Way by Too Faced), bronzer (Pixi by Petra), blush (Seraphine Botanicals), and eyebrow pencil (NYX).

Some other products I used that most people will just have or can easily pick up: eyeliner (Stila liquid liner pen) and false eyelashes (Quo by Shoppers Drug Mart).


For this make-up I didn’t really use everything in my base makeup, I didn’t use my foundation or blush or bronzer, I did still use primer, moisturizer and concealer. I used a lighter foundation than my normal, actually the lightest on the shelf I could find. I ended up using something from NYX, any drug store foundation would work. Then I used a black eyeshadow for the shading and a black eyeliner for the more detailed parts. That easy.


For this one, I used a Forever 21 red lipstick to make the mask with a mix of NYX red eyeshadow on top to give more dimension. I also used the red eyeshadow as part of my contour and to contour my neck and chest. I used my Naked Heat palette and red NYX eyeshadow for my eyes, and then I used a NYX black graphic eyeliner to do the more detailed parts. I also used NYX and Stila for my lips.

Blood Clown

For this one, I used a NYX lip liner to line out the lines on my face and lips and then I filled it in with my Stila liquid lipstick but you could easily use a blood red liquid lipstick from any drug mart brand. I used my Naked Heat palette for the eyes but any burgundy/red would do. I finished it off by adding on a cheap special effects blood on top!

Pumpkin Queen

This one really made me laugh because at one point I looked like I just dipped my face in cheeto dust. For the orange, I used a NYX shadow and my Naked Heat palette for depth. I used a black eyeshadow for my under eyes and the lines down my face. I used a mixture of a NYX graphic liner and my Stila liner for the mouth. The only reason I used the Stila is that it was thinner for more precise lines which you could just use a cheaper drugstore brand.


Whatever you decide to dress up as I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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