2018, A Letter to You

It’s hard to sum up an entire year into a single blog post, so instead, I’ve decided to write 2018 her own letter (2018 is a she in my mind).

Dear 2018,

I started off with such high hopes for you, but how can I put so much pressure on a year. It simply cannot be all good or all bad.

There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year. 525,600 minutes, 8760 hours, 365 days. I think about how easily one single day can go from terrible to amazing or vice versa, it can feel like the longest day ever or the shortest. Time can feel like it’s going by so fast or like it’s dragging on for an eternity. I think about how I’ve spent an entire day accomplishing absolutely nothing but watching tv, or on another day I could go to the gym, see friends, go to class, finish an assignment, go to work, and watch a movie all in the span of 24 hours.

So 2018, you were not all good or all bad, you were very much both. And for that, I’d like to say both thank you and fuck you. I was given some amazing opportunities, did some amazing things. I also had some hardships, faced the lowest my depression has ever been.

I truly do believe though that I grew more in this past year than in any other. I learned more about myself, what I need, what I can handle, and what I can overcome. I also met some amazing people because of you, 2018. I was able to spend time with those I love and hold dear.

2018, I can’t say I will miss you. But you taught me well, you took from me what I no longer needed and gave to me a version of myself I never knew could exist. However it’s time to say goodbye and see what 2019 has in store. I won’t lie, I hope she’s a little easier on me than you were. I hope I get to travel more, I hope I will finish my degree, I hope I will get a job as a paramedic, I hope I read more, I hope I paint more, I hope I am able to write more blog posts, I hope I see my friends and family more, I hope I am able to appreciate more.

Thank you for everything (sort of), you will not be missed because I honestly am looking forward to this next chapter in my life.


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