7 Ways to Crush 2019

On January 1 of every year, people start talking about resolutions for the new year. Even before the ball has dropped on midnight, back in December of the previous year some of us start setting some goals because in the new year we want to accomplish some serious shit. But maybe some of us have an issue with following through. In January we think we can conquer anything, but 3 months from now we haven’t ticked a single goal off of our lists. Oh well, there’s still 9 more months left, right?! Well, then it’s December and we say: “there’s always 2020.”

Not this year. This year we are going to kill it! Here are 7 ways to hold yourself accountable, achieve your goals and make 2019 YOUR year:

Write them down.

A lot. In your journal, in your phone notes, in your day planner, on your chalkboard, with whiteboard markers on your mirror, stick a piece of paper up in your room with them on it in huge, bold lettering. Make sure you see it often to constantly remind yourself of what you’re striving to accomplish.

Tell someone.

Ask a friend keep you accountable. And do the same for them. Or do one of your goals with someone. Like maybe you want to read one book a month. Find a friend to do that with and then you can talk about it together. Or maybe have a gym buddy and plan to go together at least once a week. Tell your trainer at the gym what you want to achieve so they can help you keep track.

Make a plan.

Write down exactly how you’re going to achieve each goal, What steps you’re going to take, when you’re going to take them, what you need to have done by when. Make time for it in your schedule. Maybe you want to get fit, set specific days and times you’re going to go to the gym.

Do one task at a time.

If you try to conquer everything at once, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. Try to work on one thing at a time. Like first fixing your diet, then going hard into your workouts. Or maybe you want to save money. Don’t just start transferring all your money into your savings only to take it back out the following week. Try spending less, not going out or shopping as much, then start putting that extra money away.

Make a bet.

I’m super competitive, if someone bets me I can’t do something, it makes me want to do it even more. Maybe set a bet with a friend. “If I can’t speak an entire 10 minutes in Spanish by July, I have to go buy you dinner wherever you want. Appetizer, mains, dessert and drinks!”

Set micro-goals.

Set goals within your goals. Maybe you want to quit drinking or smoking or some other habit you do frequently. Start with: I’m only going to drink twice a week for January. Then for February once a week, then only on a special occasion like a friends birthday in March. Then try going all of April without it. Make smaller, more achievable goals that seem a lot less scary than one big one. Imagine your resolution as a set of stairs and you can’t just jump to the top, you have to take each step at a time.

Make an investment.

Some things you need to put your finances into. For example, if your goal is to work out more, buy a more expensive gym membership so every time you don’t go, you feel like you’re wasting your hard earned money. Or maybe do what I did. I want to go travelling so I bought my plane ticket 4 months in advance so I’d have no excuse not to go, so now I’m committed and I need to put more money away for the rest of the trip expenses.

Reward yourself.

This is probably one of the best options! Let’s say your goal is to spend less time on social media and your phone. You can usually track in your settings or a third party app how many hours per day or week you spend on specific apps or just on your phone in general. Tell your self if you can get it down to a certain number, consistently for 2 weeks in a row, you’ll treat yourself to a spa day. Or if you can get above an A- in all your classes this semester you’ll go on a trip with your best friend. Have something to look forward to when you crush your goal!

I hope these tips are helpful when it comes to attaining what you hope to achieve in 2019. I’m wishing you all success that you can crush 2019 and make it your best year yet. If you have anymore tips or found this helpful, please feel free to drop a comment below. 🙂

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