Hypnotherapy in Halifax

When I say “hypnotherapy,” I know most people are thinking of someone standing on a stage, clucking like a chicken while everyone else is laughing. Contrary to popular belief, people under hypnosis are in total control of themselves and would never do anything they would normally find highly objectionable. So what is hypnotherapy and how is it a useful tool?

Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus and concentration achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist. This trance-like state is similar to being completely absorbed in a book, movie, music, or even one’s own thoughts or meditations. It is used for anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, weight loss, addiction, athletic performance, physical manifestations, insomnia, confidence, exams prep, interview prep, etc. Basically a boat load of things, hypnotherapy can help with. It is very solution focused and instead of focusing on negatives like sometimes therapy can, it instead helps create positive pathways forward.

Recently I was able to try hypnotherapy first hand at Verity Vale Hypnotherapy on Spring Garden road. I was so pleased with my experience. First I’ll explain how an appointment works there and then I’ll talk more specifically about my session.

Your first, consultation appointment is free. There Verity Vale, your hypnotherapist, will explain to you how everything works, a bit more about hypnosis, how the brain works, etc. Then you will chat about what you specifically are looking to tackle, and she will send you home with a voice recording and some music to get ready for your next session. Once you come back, then you will experience the actual hypnosis/trance. Verity will also send you an audio recording of your trance to listen to at home. Sessions are $100 a piece, which I felt would be totally worth it. Especially considering the cost of most traditional psychologist appointments are $200 each.

Verity has been in Canada since July 2018, and opened her practice in November. Besides her downtown Spring Garden spot, she will soon be opening a Sackville location. She is originally from the south coast of England. She took her hypnotherapy training 3 years ago and before that she was a detective for serious and organized crime.

Now in my session, we weren’t looking to tackle anything specific, just for me to try it out. Verity told me she would do a general confidence, boost, positive vibes, and motivation style of positive enforcement while I was in trance. The beginning of the session felt like after a yoga class when the instructor tells you to “relax your head, neck, face, arms,….” going through each of your body parts, then talking about clearing your mind, lots of different relaxation techniques to get your mind ready for the trance stage. As Verity was explaining the different imagery to me to imagine, it felt almost like a lucid, psychedelic yet calming dream. With lots of colours and a sense of floating, rising, sinking, etc. Up to a certain point I can remember everything she said, but then, almost like I had half fallen asleep, I knew she was speaking to me, I knew she was saying positive things, but what exactly, I don’t remember. After she had brought me back out of the hypnosis, I felt very relaxed, like I had taken a really nice cat nap. I also felt very positive, calm and motivated.

All in all, did I enjoy my experience? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I go back again? Yes. I can easily see how after 6-12 sessions someone could improve their lifestyle, especially with things like anxiety, fears and phobias, performance, etc.

If you want to try hypnotherapy for yourself, click here to visit Verity Vale’s website. Have you ever tried hypnotherapy before? If so, let me know how your experience was in the comments!

*This post has been done in exchange for a service and is there for a sponsored posting.*

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