12 Places to Take a Date that Aren’t “Drinks” or a “Coffee”

Being newly single, there’s nothing I hate more than a Tinder or Bumble person asking me to go for coffee. Why? WHY? Why would you think that I want to spend an hour sitting in the middle of the day, in a bright cafe, getting coffee breath, only to be bored halfway through? No. I use “going to get coffee” for meetings or quick half hour catch ups with friends I haven’t seen in a while but we both have really busy schedules right now. Coffee, to me, is not a date. Coffee is super casual or a business meeting or the beverage I use to wake me up in the morning, call me old fashioned.

Going to a movie for a first date is also a huge no for me. 1) how are we suppose to get to know each other and talk in a movie, 2) let’s just awkwardly sit really close to each other, in the dark, in complete silence, while I wonder if my popcorn chewing is loud, 3) I don’t look cute for the movies, I wear sweats and giant sweaters and GORGE on junk food. So no to movies.

Now going for drinks or dinner is better but not by much. Definitely drinks over dinner. With dinner, there’s the stress of what kind of place are we going to go to. Casual, or fancy? Fancy is $$$. So now I have to save for our date because 1) I’m never going to assume someone else is paying. 2) What if our date sucks? Then I’m stuck with you for a whole meal. 3) We’re just going to watch each other eat. If you make me laugh, mouthful…….oh god. One time I went on a dinner date and choked so hard my eyes watered and I had to excuse myself to the bathroom for 5 minutes. So dinner for me, big no. Not for a first date.

Drinks are nice. But again, we’re just sitting across from each other talking. There’s nothing wrong with that but some people suck at making conversation or people are nervous and there’s no real ice breaker.

With all that being said, I’ve compiled a list of places you can take a date that are actually fun! That are different than just “coffee,” “the movies,” “dinner,” or “drinks.” Stand out from all those other Tinder or Bumble people and surprise your date with something different and exciting. I personally feel like you get to know someone way better when you’re doing an activity and having fun together. Plus if the person you’re chatting with doesn’t like the sounds of any of these events then just DO NOT go out with them because clearly, they hate fun.

Propeller Arcade

Halifax’s Propeller Brewing on Gottingen St. has opened their own beer arcade! Head down and play pinball or space invaders. Bring your own loonies and quarters. Open Thursday – Sunday from 4pm – close.

Halimac Axe Throwing

Go throw some axes together, only $19.95 a person and open seven days a week with different hours on different days. Located on Brunswick St.

Nearby Planet VR

Want to get your video game geek on? Watch out though because it feels so real! I ran into a wall when I played. It’s located on Gottingen St, and it’s $34.95 per hour for a room and they are open seven days a week with hours differing per day. They also have two cool escape rooms!

Captured Escape Rooms

This is one of my favourite Halifax activities. You have to use your brain to figure the puzzle out. It’s 23.48 per person with hours differing on each day and there are many different themed rooms. It’s located on Barrington St. Plus you’re right next to Stillwell and can go have a beer afterwards.

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf at Putting Edge

This is located in Bayer’s Lake and it’s only 11.50 per person, plus there’s an arcade there too! Open 7 days a week!

Seven Bays

This is definitely an activity for those who like a more active date. It’s only $16 per person for a day pass. Plus their cafe serves alcohol. Go bouldering and then have a drink afterward. It’s open seven days a week on Gottingen St. and there’s an early bird special on weekdays before 2 pm.

Go Kart at Kartbahn

Not only is there go karting but laser tag too! 1 session is $20 per person, 2 sessions are $35 per person and you can mix and match go-karting and laser tag. This is located in Bayer’s Lake.

Board Room Cafe

Why not play some classic and new board games to get to know your date? It’s located on Barrington St and only $5 each for admission to access their games room, then extra if you want to buy snacks like fresh popped popcorn and pizza, or wine and beer.

Clay Cafe

Why not bring out your artistic side? Located on Quinpool Rd. It’s anywhere from $5-$45 depending on the piece of pottery you pick to paint. Plus now you get to keep a memento from your date.

Get Air

This is definitely one for the more athletic folks out there, plus you have to not mind there are kids around because I do find when I go there are usually a lot of children that go here, however, adults are able to go and I had a really fun time when I did. One hour is $17, and you have to buy specialty socks which are $3. This is open seven days a week in Dartmouth.

Yuk Yuks

I went here on a date once and it was actually such a fun time. I love comedy so much so I recommend this one for sure. It’s $5 per person on Wednesdays because that is their amateur comedy night (totally worth it), and $20 Thursday-Saturday. Yuk Yuks is located in the Westin Hotel on Hollis St.


If you love playing pool, this is the place for you. They also have dart boards too! From what I could find online, I believe it is $12.00 an hour for pool. It’s honestly such a beautiful pool hall. I would call ahead though because they sometimes have pool league events.

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