100 Night Endy Sleep Review

 My last mattress was along the lines of 10+ years old, and I had no plans to buy a new one anytime soon. A mattress can be an expensive purchase that most people push off because they think other things are more important.

I worked in a furniture store at one point in my life and I actually was trained by a mattress company on facts about sleep health, in order to be able to sell mattresses better, because most people don’t want to pay $1000-2000 on a mattress. Everyone talks about eating right, exercising, mental health. But no one talks about sleep as a major part of your health. Most people will spend an average of 1/3 of their life sleeping….in their bed….on their mattress. When you think about 1/3 of your life, that’s a huge portion. If you live to be 80 that’s almost 27 years. So investing in a good mattress can actually be super beneficial to your overall health.

I received my Endy mattress back in the middle of March, and I have to say, with complete honesty. I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable. Not too soft, not too firm, just right. I really love how easily it came delivered to my door, the set up took me less than 10 minutes, by myself. There was no going to the store, ordering delivery, arranging times, trying to fit a big bulky mattress through the door. This one came perfectly packaged in a box, delivered onto my doorstep. Not only was the delivery and set up super easy, but my sleep has also never been better! With the breathable Endy Comfort Foam, the mattress stays the perfect firmness even on the hottest days this summer. Even better, I don’t wake up sweating!

I actually find it hard on my days off not to sleep in because I’m that in love with staying in my cozy haven and laying in my Endy bed. On top of the mattress, the truly best thing for me, is their pillows! I love how they have an insert filled with charcoal memory foam that you can customize by talking out foam or leaving it in, to make the pillow softer or more firm, depending on how you like it. 

PLUS they are a Canadian company! Woo!!! They manufacture their mattresses in Canada.

So, my honest opinion?

When compared to other brand names at other prices, looking in a store, (because remember I use to sell mattresses) buying cheap, usually leaves you with an uncomfortable mattress that could end up giving you back issues. And Endy is very comparable in price with other name brand mattresses. A queen mattress from Endy is $850, whereas a queen mattress from Serta, like the Serta Perfect Sleeper is $999. They also provide a 100-night sleep guarantee, so if you don’t like it, they’ll take it back and give a full refund! And, if you want to finance your mattress they offer $0 down with 0% interest.

So in the end, do I recommend Endy? 10/10, yes I do. If you want to test out the Endy Mattress use my discount code ROSEHFX50 for $50 off any size of Endy Mattress.

*This review was a requirement of a collaboration with Endy, however my review was 100% honest, as required in my contract with Endy*

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