4 Easy & Inexpensive Halloween Make-Ups

So if you’ve been following my Instagram then you’ve probably seen that I love Halloween and over the past 2 weeks I’ve posted 4 Halloween Make-Ups. Maybe from the final picture they may not seem easy but I promise you, they really were. Below I’ve attached the inspiration pictures I found on Pinterest and then my version. I’ve also attached links to my speedy IG … Continue reading 4 Easy & Inexpensive Halloween Make-Ups

9 Places to Shop in Halifax to Update Your Wardrobe

Every year, more and more businesses seem to be springing up here in Halifax. Supporting local is way better than heading to the mall and supporting those big box retailers. Walk the beautiful streets of Halifax and support your community instead! Here is a list of 9 of the best boutiques to go find your new favourite outfits, jewelry, shoes and statement pieces that are … Continue reading 9 Places to Shop in Halifax to Update Your Wardrobe

Thursday’s Look

Today’s look included a black wrap body suit from e.go which I actually got second hand from a friend (I love clothes swapping with friends) and these beautiful new pants I grabbed from ZARA last week. These pants are sooo comfortable and I’m always about the high waist. This outfit completely captures my spring vibes as the weather is warming up. Paired with a simple … Continue reading Thursday’s Look