Salad Toppings for Non-Salad Eaters

This blog post is a shout out to my friend Alex. In my last post, I asked if anyone had any suggests and my good friend Alex called me out in his Instagram story asking if I would do a post about salad topping for people who don’t enjoy eating salads. So this one’s for you Alex! First, I’m going to share my favourite salad … Continue reading Salad Toppings for Non-Salad Eaters

Halifax’s Newest Waffle Joint

Let me give you some cold, hard truths about waffles. 1) Everyone loves waffles. 2) If you don’t, you’re a psychopath with no taste buds. 3) Even if you are a psychopath with no taste buds, you’re going to love Halifax’s newest Japanese waffle joint. I never knew what my life was missing until I bit into that sweet, beautiful, fish-shaped, chocolate & hazelnut filled … Continue reading Halifax’s Newest Waffle Joint

Field Guide: A Review on the New

Field Guide has been one of my favourite spots in Halifax for a while now. The atmosphere is great, the food is delicious and the cocktails are excellent. Recently they close down for a new renovation and menu overhaul. I won’t lie, I was nervous because of how much I already loved the place, but I’m glad to say there’s nothing to worry about and … Continue reading Field Guide: A Review on the New