New Year, Better Me

It’s that time again. 2018 is officially over and now that 2019 has started everyone is making resolutions for how they hope their year will go, what they want to achieve and how they want to see themselves change. A lot of the common goals people make will include: drinking less, working out more, saving money, travelling, learn a new language, reading a certain number … Continue reading New Year, Better Me

Halifax’s Newest Waffle Joint

Let me give you some cold, hard truths about waffles. 1) Everyone loves waffles. 2) If you don’t, you’re a psychopath with no taste buds. 3) Even if you are a psychopath with no taste buds, you’re going to love Halifax’s newest Japanese waffle joint. I never knew what my life was missing until I bit into that sweet, beautiful, fish-shaped, chocolate & hazelnut filled … Continue reading Halifax’s Newest Waffle Joint

20 Places Near Halifax to Get Wet Before Summer is Over

No, not that kind of wet you dirty minded readers 😉 Usually when people want to go swimming, get a tan, take some summer insta pics with friends, or just to cool down, it seems everyone thinks of the same few places. It turns out there are a bunch of amazing spots near Halifax you can go to! 18 to be exact (well there may … Continue reading 20 Places Near Halifax to Get Wet Before Summer is Over